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Applying to be a tutor

Thank you for showing interest in working with us!

Please fill out this form and we will be in contact with you shortly. 

This form will not automatically save - we encourage drafting paragraph responses in a separate document.

Please note that use of Generative AI is not permitted for any prompt, we want to hear your voice!

Come Work With Us!
I am comfortable tutoring:
What subjects are you comfortable tutoring?
Have you tutored before?
Can you tutor over the summer?

Resume/Activities List Upload:

Please attach a document containing experiences or activities that you believe are relevant to working at Emperor Tutoring.

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Transcript Upload:

Please attach an unofficial high school transcript, ensuring that it includes grades for the most recently completed marking period.

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Reference: We would like to hear from a trusted adult who can attest to your character and professional qualities. Please refrain from selecting a reference within your immediate family. If you have prior tutoring experience, we recommend suggesting a parent of a past or current mentee. Please let us know if you have any questions about choosing a reference. 

NOTE: Please reach out to your reference before submitting this form. They will receive an email from OR a text from (203) 529 - 1279 depending on their preference.

Preferred Contact Method (Reference)

Please complete the following with a parent or guardian.

After submitting, please do not close the tab until you are redirected to another page.

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