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Emperor Tutoring Program

We provide tutoring for students from Kindergarten to 8th Grade in Fairfield County.


Our Core Beliefs




If you would like to continue sessions with Emperor Tutoring, below are our payment plans.   


Let's Work Together!

Whether you are looking to become a tutor or be tutored, we would love to work with you! Click the button below to register! 


What Do We Offer?

We are a student-run tutoring program that strives to build connections with younger students in Connecticut. We offer a variety of tutoring sessions, subjects, and more that can make your student's academic experience a memorable one.

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Bernard the Penguin!



Marketing Executive

Inspired by the unique style when students help other students, we have created Emperor Tutoring in order to build connections with mentees to make a tutoring session much more than a place to finish homework. 


Students should feel eager and enlightened to learn, and successful mentoring and teaching will lead to brighter minds and more open perspectives.


Through the proper teaching and application of a mentee's schoolwork, we look to allow all of our students to succeed in school while enjoying the process to it. 

Making Connections

Education should not just be about understanding and applying concepts, but connecting with peers and listening to other ideas as well. By allowing students to bond with other students, they can successfully build on their accomplishments.

Our Core Beliefs

Our Team

Meet the faces who will be teaching our mentees!

We would love to know you better!

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