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Pricing, Plans, Promos, and Payment

Below are the prices and plans for Emperor Tutoring. If you have enjoyed your classes and would like to continue on a regular basis, please check out our long-term plans!

One - Time

One-Time Sessions

Need help with homework or with studying? Sign up for our One-Time sessions to quickly get matched with one of our experienced tutors!

All One-Time Sessions come with one complimentary rescheduling 24 hours ahead of the scheduled time.







Long - Term

Long-Term Plans

If you enjoyed our style of teaching and would like to have your student attend our classes in one of our Long-Term Plans. By doing so, we will be able to ensure that we can help your student no matter the assignment or project in any class, and you can enjoy the benefits that come with a commitment.

All Long-Term Plans comes with three complimentary reschedulings 24 hours ahead of time and can be paid in installments.

Quarterly Plan

Fall, Winter, Spring

30 min

45 min

60 min




you get $60 off!

12 sessions

Sept. 1st - Nov. 30th 

Dec. 1st - Feb. 28th

March 1st - May 31st

Group plan

60 min


Per Student 

save $10 per session!

  • Weekly group session

  • Learn with friends at a discounted rate

Referrals and Promos


If you think our style of tutoring would also suit another student, please let us know who you referred and we will provide both of you with a 50% off coupon for any One-Time session! 

Please note that both coupons will expire two months after being sent and cannot be combined with other offers. 

Payment Methods

Payment Methods


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