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Hi! We're so glad to see your interest in tutoring.

We currently offer educational tutoring for K-8 students in Fairfield County, but we hope to expand in the future!

Please fill out the form so we can reach out to you as soon as possible with options for tutors.

If what you may need tutoring in is not shown, please reach out to us through email so we can organize a more customized plan!

*Only fill out this form to schedule your complimentary first tutoring session*

Let's Work Together!
Please fill out the mentee's information:
What type of tutoring do you prefer?
What would your student like help with?

*Please specify the instrument, world language, or any other particular category of the subject in the comments/questions box below.

Complimentary Lesson:

In order to see whether Emperor Tutoring is a good fit, we will offer a complimentary session - it can be either 30, 45, or 60-minutes long. Please select a session length, the day(s) your student will be available, and the most convenient time frames. 


9AM - 12PM


12PM - 5PM


5PM - 8PM

What day(s) are you available?:
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Pick a time frame (Monday)
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Tutoring Styles: Here at Emperor Tutoring, we teach in two distinct methods.

  • Homework Help - Tutors will help mentees with their homework on a variety of subjects.

  • Lesson Plans - Tutors will bring worksheets/materials on a specific subject to be completed during the allocated time. 

Please let us know in the box below whether you would be interested in one or both styles of teaching.

Emperor's Guidelines:

In order to complete your registration and to ensure that our future together will be seamless, please read over our terms.

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